AirDroid 3 Released, Better Than Ever

AirDroid 3 Released, Better Than Ever

AirDroid is one of those apps that we just keep coming back to. We have mentioned it in the past, and we continue to use it as an easy way to transfer files. view our pictures or share documents with other people. It’s the kind of all-in-one tool that makes Android so powerful and amazing to use. Well, after a beta period, AirDroid 3 is finally here, refining the AirDroid formula even further, and adding a ton of new, exciting functionality on top. Let’s take a peek!

The biggest feature of AirDroid 3 in comparison to the previous versions is the fact that now it has a native desktop client – at least, for Windows and OSX. What this means is that now you can install AirDroid on your computer as if it was any other application. This also opens way for a whole new set of features that were previously not there. In fact, a lot of the new features sort of mirror the new “Continuity” features in OSX, allowing you to see and send messages and calls on your computer, in a very integrated and seamless way.

One of the biggest features that the native client enables is AirMirror. AirMirror allows you to interact and see your Android device on you computer in real time. And we aren’t talking about some menu or obtuse way to interact with it – you will see your device’s screen mirrored on your monitor, exactly as it looks when you use your phone:

Of course, a powerful feature such as this allows you to do a lot of things. Basically, anything you could do on your device, you can do here – open apps, compose messages, and make calls. It’s pretty great. The only caveat is that it requires a rooted device in order to work. It also does not support Android Lollipop at this time, but we have been assured that support is coming very, very soon. You can see a demo video below

Apart from that killer feature, the native app still has a lot to offer. It is pretty much similar to the web interface (missing a few features, though) you’d usually be working with on past versions, so you can drag and drop files directly from the application to your phone, and both read and send text messages, access your contacts and see current notifications. If you touch a notification, AirMirror will open automatically so that you can see and interact with it in real time on your device. You will also receive call alert notifications on your desktop, and will be provided with options to take them or ignore them with a single click:

Alongside all of these improvements, the Android app itself also got a brand new look and has more features than ever, including a neat little way to transfer and receive files, and you can even select if you want to do it thought the web interface or the native application on your desktop:

The developers behind the app also highlighted some of the behind-the-scenes security improvements that were made to this version. Considering that we’re now dealing with an app that can do so much on your phone, we are relieved to hear this. The fact is, this is the best version ever of AirDroid, and the added features were features that really matter to users. Not only is the visual side revamped, but the AirMirror feature is amazing, the integration with notifications and texts is faster and easier, and the app feels more and more solid with the years. You can check out AirDroid, completely free, by going into this link. You can also see a showcase of some of the features we mentioned below:

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