Android Wear App Roundup

Android Wear App Roundup

Android Wear is still young and barely out of development, however there are already a good number of apps looking to take advantage of these devices. Developers love to be on the bleeding edge of development, and Android Wear is no exception, with a vast number of customizable faces, apps and addons already available for the OS. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most interesting releases on the Android Wear platform, along with some of our impressions of the platform as a whole!


Wear Counter

A simple counter for Android Wear. Simply tap the screen, and the counter will increase. Also support gestures, so you can simply twist your wrist to increase the number. Not exactly the most complex of apps, but it has a nice design, supports gestures, and also allows for real time reset or subtraction. Could easily replace a dedicated gadget for this purpose, so it is nice to see in action.


Wear Audio Recorder

A dedicated app for recording audio in real-time using your watch. This is something that has been a staple of spy movies and science fiction for a very long time, and so to see it implemented in Android Wear as well is really cool. Includes a bunch of useful features, such as recording even when the screen is off, high quality codec capture and playback/storage in the dedicated phone app. Really handy. And of course, since your Android Wear enabled watch already allows you to talk to it and get immediate feedback using Voice and Google Now, it already acts like a gadget from the future!


Display Brightness for Wear

Both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live do not have ambient light sensors, which means the auto brightness function, which many of us use on our phones to adjust the brightness of the screen to fit the environment, simply doesn’t exist. The display does support variable brightness though, it just has no way to know what value it should set it to. Well, this app comes to fix that, by automatically changing the brightness not according to ambient light, but rather according to the time of day. This means you will have a dimmed display in the evening, and a full brightness display in the morning. This app will also allow you to save battery by being more responsible with display power consumption,which is one of the big drains of battery life.



A very simple, bare-bones Twitter browser for your watch that doesn’t have a lot of features, but works as intended. Although no one want to do heavy reading on their smartwatch, the tweet form factor, being composed of only a few characters, is ideal for this purpose and allows you to easily keep up with your timeline.


Wear Calculator

Well, why not? We all remember those little digital watches with a built-in calculator and a dedicated number keyboard, so you can now use this app to turn your smartwatch into a very similar device, with a very similar experience.


Wear Camera Remote

This app will allow you to control your phone’s camera from afar, allowing you to switch between front and rear-facing camera, set flash on or off, set time duration and both view and capture the image from afar. Could be a great addition to your app arsenal if you like to take pictures on the go, and the remote capture can help you take the perfect picture without even looking at the screen. Brilliant app.


These are just some of the surprisingly vast amount of Android Wear apps already available right now. It’s very cool to see that despite the lack of an official launch for Android L, which will bring together Wear and regular Android in a more integrated manner, and despite the fact that there are only a few devices available, developers are very interested in bringing over their unique apps and are looking to take advantage of the unique form factor. I am also sure that once the Moto 360 launches, more and more developers will be looking to integrate Wear functionality on their regular apps, which will make for a great experience overall. Feel free to let us know your impressions of Android Wear in the comment section below!

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