BeyondPod Podcast Manager – Material Update, Wear App and More

BeyondPod Podcast Manager - Material Update, Wear App and More

BeyondPod Podcast Manager is one of the most popular and widely used podcast apps for Android. It was one of the first big podcast apps for the platform, and since it offered a free version instead of requiring an outright purchase, a lot of users gave it a try and fell in love with it. The app continues that tradition by now showing up with a brand new revamped interface with Material Design at its core, and a bunch of new features and improvements that make it one of the best podcast apps for Android.

You can check the app out yourself by clicking here. The Material Design is one of the most visible changes since the last version of the app, but it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into improving the behavior and features under the hood. The app looks beautiful, with dynamic colors and animations that reflect the colors of the podcast art. It certainly is an example of Material Design done right, and the user experience is definitely improved from the Jellybean days. It still has its own style, and insists from sticking to a cards interface, much to its benefit. The newest version now also introduces a brand new dark Material theme, which seems to be very popular these days:

Aside from looks however, the newest update also introduces something really special in the form of a brand new Android Wear app that you can use to control and play back your podcasts from your wrist. This is also a welcomed feature that a lot of apps don’t really have yet, and in the case of something like a podcast app, it makes sense and works well. You can see the podcast information on your wrist and skip ahead at your leisure using nothing but a simple tap. The app also touts Chromecast support, which is particularly useful to stream content directly to your TV directly by streaming the content right to the device:

Besides that, the app also offers all the goodies and super-specific settings that come with a battle-tested app that has been exposed to a lot of user feedback. The smart playlists feature is still a fan-favorite, and remains one of the most usable and simple ways to organize your podcast collection. Other features are more specific, for example, the car mode interface is spotless, offering big buttons and a revamped control interface:

Functionally, the app is also one of the best in its category. While there used to be quite a bit of clutter in the interface, the newest updates have made it so that all the information related to that specific episode or program is placed in its very own category, keeping the interface from getting too noisy. The black and orange accents are also gone for the most part, which to be honest is a welcomed visual change. This is also complemented by subtle visual effects like having the podcast art seamlessly blend into the background when you play, or having the controls dissolve and slide into place when you’re playing something.

As we mentioned, the app has a free 7 day trial that offers you a chance to try all of the available features. After that period, you’re still free to use the app, but some of the features are removed and locked away until you decide to upgrade. To be honest, even in that limited state, the app is still amazing and perfectly usable. The features that get removed are pretty much for die-hard users and should not affect your ability to simply download and listen to an episode. You can see a breakdown of the features that are exclusive to the Pro version by clicking here, and purchase the Pro version by clicking here.

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