How To Clean Up Your Gallery

How To Clean Up Your Gallery

These days, with our Android devices, we all have a camera with us at all times. Because of that, more than ever, we choose to capture every important and not so important moment of our lives, just in case. Whether it’s just a silly selfie or your children’s birthday party, we snap a picture for later. Eventually, we will find ourselves with thousands of pictures taking up space in our devices, and we don’t even want to keep most of them! Once it gets to that point, we really need a proper way to sort through the gallery to pick what we want to keep and what we want to throw away, and that’s what we’ll be doing today.

With our mobile devices, another thing that is important is the available storage that we have. While higher-end devices are now embracing larger and larger sizes, they are also dropping MicroSD card support and external storage, meaning that the space in your phone is now more important that ever. So getting rid of files you no longer need, especially pictures, is something you should do routinely if you find yourself running low on memory.

Today’s app is Gallery Doctor, which you can download by clicking here, free of charge. This app has one purpose, which is to identify duplicate photos or photos that are similar and that you may not need around anymore. After it identifies them, it will delete them for you with a single tap if you want, making this a powerful tool to organize your gallery with. Let’s start. First of all, open the app. You should see a small intro you can swipe through, like this:

While the intro is going on, the app will start scanning your photos in the background right away:

Swipe through the whole thing and you will end up on the main screen, where you can see some stats:

As you can see, the app displays a “Gallery Health” value that refers to how many issues it found with your gallery, and it also lists how many bad photos, similar photos and photos in need of review it found during the scan. Tap the button at the bottom and you will be taken to a review screen that lists all the photos and allows you to individually jump to each section:

In here, you can just tap over a section and you will be taken there. For example, if I tap on “Bad Photos”, I will be taken to a screen where it shows all the photos that the app though were bad, because they were blurry or low resolution, and will allow you to automatically delete them all, or choose which ones to keep by tapping over them and removing the red icon:

In the “Review” section however, the app switches to an interface that sort of resembles Tinder. This is the part where you get to use your judgement on what to keep and what to delete:

As you can see, you swipe left to delete a photo, and swipe right to keep it:

After each swipe, a new photo will appear until you have gone through all of the photos in need of review:

Lastly, in the “Similar Photos” section, the app will group together photos that are duplicates or similar, and allow you to only keep one. It will automatically select the photo with the better quality, and mark the rest for deletion:

In terms of settings, there’s really not much there, not is it needed, since the app does a fine job by default and the interface is easy to navigate and understand. However, there are toggles for all the notifications that the app will push, and you can disable them all individually in case one of them is getting on your nerves:

And that about wraps it up for this little lesson. I have chosen this app for the job because it’s free, beautiful, and does a lot of stuff automatically, asking you when it’s not sure. It really boils things down to three categories and does a fine job on its own. The Review section is great, and the Tinder-like swipe navigation really helps to keep you from getting too annoyed. Overall, this is a great app, and while there are many other apps that have similar features or try to tackle the same problems, I must say that this one seemed to do it much better than most from my experience. The interface is slick and usable, and the automatic features actually work instead of being a hassle. You should definitely give it a try if you need some help getting your gallery back in shape or need to free up some extra storage space.

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