How To Detect Issues And Get Tips For Your Android Device

How To Detect Issues And Get Tips For Your Android Device

We spend a lot of time with our devices, and often rely on them as our main source of information and entertainment. Of course, as devices become more powerful, they also become more complex, and just like computers, once in a while they might require a little maintenance to keep things running smoothly. That is why today we’ll show you a neat little app that detects some of these issues for you, and also gives you tips on cool things you can do with your Android device!

Today’s app is called “Device Assist”, and it’s actually an app made by Google. The main purpose of the app is to detect certain settings that may be causing you problems, such as reduced security, lower performance or poor battery life. It also will suggest you things you could enable or setup on your device to activate new features, and show you how to do it. So, let’s get to it. Start by downloading the free app from this Play Store link. Once installed, you should see this screen:

Here, the app will ask you if you want to be notified of new tips for your device over time. Pick whichever option you’d like to advance to the next screen:

This is where you can configure the level of tips you want to receive. This is up to you, depending on how comfortable you are. Selecting “Basic” will show you only the most basic of things, while the “Advanced” option will show you more options, with more detailed explanations. Select your level and press the “Continue” button to proceed to the main screen:

In this screen the app will enumerate all of the issues it detects, along with any tips it has for you. For example, you can see that it detected that I’m running a modified version of Android, and that it could be a problem. This is only one example, as the app can detect more comprehensive issues:

There is also a built-in option to test your internet connection, which will help you diagnose connection issues:

As we mentioned, the app will also give you tips and new features you can enable, and let you know how to enable them with the explanation below the picture:

These tips range from the obvious to genuinely useful information, such as how to find your device in case you lose it:

However, one of the really cool aspects of the app is that it also serves as a sort of user manual for your Android device. If you’re ever in doubt about how to do something, or can’t remember how to get to a certain feature, you can just use the built-in search functionality:

Enter your term of interest and the app will show you a bunch of features and articles relating to your search:

And it will even offer to take you to the right place automatically:

From the main screen, you can also access a neat little information tool about your device which you can access by pressing the three-dotted menu:

And then heading over to “Device info”:

This is a great tool by Google, notorious for its bad customer service, and it serves as a great way to diagnose and correct issues on your device, as well as getting to know it a little bit better in the process. There is plenty of information and the search feature allows you to quickly figure out where to go to enable a certain feature or do a certain thing. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Ross Guldenbrein
    Ross Guldenbrein July 19, 2016 at 11:29 pm .

    OK.. but when I tried to download the app it said, “no eligible devices for app install”(?) WTF? I thought ALL Android devices are “eligible”… So my HTC M8 and Nexus 7 tablet aren’t “eligible”???

  2. Katrina Hart
    Katrina Hart August 1, 2016 at 8:36 am .

    My lg says Leon says it won’t work for that app

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