How To Download And Play Videos In The Background On The YouTube App

How To Download And Play Videos In The Background On The YouTube App

As much as we all like YouTube, the app versions are not without their faults. While on your computer you can easily play a video and then listen to it on the background as you do something else, on Android that feature is exclusive to YouTube Red, Google’s paid YouTube initiative. Then there is the issue of downloading a video for later, which is not possible in the YouTube app. However, today we’ll show you an easy way to enable both of these features on the actual YouTube app, so you can carry on watching your videos as usual, now with both of these features enabled!

As we mentioned, the regular YouTube app for Android has a few shortcomings and restricted features that don’t make a lot of sense. After all, you’re already downloading a video if you’re playing it from your phone, so why isn’t there a download option? And as far as playing videos on the background, making that feature available only for the paid service when it is available on the browser version just makes it seems like an inferior product. Luckily, we’ve found a workaround, using a modified version of the regular YouTube app. The process can be a little daunting, so let’s go through the steps.

Start by downloading and installing the modified YouTube app, called OGYouTube, by heading over to this link. As you can tell, this app is not on the Play Store, so you’ll need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Settings:

Download the app through your phone and open it once it’s done downloading to initiate the install process. Once you install it, open the app and you’ll be prompted with an error:

The reason for this is that you actually need a separate app installed to make this modified version work without issues, so let’s get to it. You can press the “Ok” button to be automatically taken to the download link, or click here to go to the website manually. As you can see, there are various versions of the app, but just make sure to tap over the “Root/No Root User” icon and then the “microG for OGYT” link to download the necessary file:

Once the download is done, install the app:

Now, re-open the OGYouTube app and you’ll see the same familiar YouTube interface you’re used to:

However, now when you select a video to watch, you may notice a few new things:

The obvious difference is the two icons at the bottom of the video frame, which allow you to perform the two actions we mentioned. The first button lets you download the video right away. When you press the button, you’ll see that the app asks you to enable a few things. Depending on your version of Android, you may have to accept the requested permissions, and you’ll also have to enable it to draw over other apps:

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to download any videos in the future with a single tap:

The other button, of course, allows you to listen to the video in the background. You can even turn off the screen completely:

And finally, you may have noticed that there is an extra button on the video player itself:

This button allows you to create a floating version of the video, so you can have it playing on a small window over your screen while you do other stuff on your device:

And that’s about it for today’s lesson – what did you think? We have suggested plenty of other solutions in the past to enable YouTube download or listening on the background, but they tend to require multiple extra apps and don’t really play along with the regular YouTube app. OGYouTube fixes this by offering an experience that is indistinguishable from the regular YouTube app, to the point where you can completely replace it with this new app to take advantage of the new features. In no other method are things this integrated and elegantly put together, so this seems to be the best method by far. Any questions or doubts? Please feel free to let us know using the comment section below!

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