How To Easily Compare Between Android Devices

How To Easily Compare Between Android Devices

Nowadays, Android is a huge ecosystem of both hardware and software, with hundreds of different brands and models out there, all running the same base software platform. Of course, with such a big hardware selection to pick from, it can be extremely confusing to settle on a single device. Sure, you always want to get the best bang for your buck, but sometimes it’s not that easy. While you can always just look up the specs, even that doesn’t tell the whole story, with manufacturers often including added value with extra apps or exclusive hardware features that often go unmentioned. Luckily, there is an easier way to compare all of these devices to settle on the right choice for you, and today we’ll show you how!

For today’s lesson, we’ll actually be using a dedicated comparison service called Versus. The whole point of Versus is to compare two things, and while it can compare a lot of things to each other, it is especially good at is smartphones. So, let’s take it for a spin – start by downloading the app, free of charge, by using this Play Store link. Once you install and open it, you should see this screen:

The main screen is essentially just a news feed. While there are a few interesting articles, that isn’t what we’re here for. Instead, the fun part is at the top:

As you can see, there are two spaces to enter text. This is where you can enter the terms you’re seeking to compare. Let’s compare two Android devices here, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. the HTC One:

As you can see, right away a screen is generated showing both devices, and with select devices you can even enable a 3D mode at the top that allows you to check the devices in more detail. However, the most important part is, of course, the actual comparison. The way it works is simple, just swipe to the device you want to check and the app will tell you why that is a good pick in relation to the other:

At the top, the app will let you know how many points it has in its favor, and then shows you a detailed list of them. It compares not only the usual suspects, like CPU and GPU performance, storage and RAM, but also more practical things like weight, screen size, camera sensor, pixel density and connection speed:

As you scroll down the list, you can see that the app actually goes to great lengths to elaborate on each of the points – not only does it tell you which device is better at it, but it also lets you know by how much, and what each aspect means, which is great if you’re not into the technobabble that is so prevalent with reviews and spec comparisons out there:

Because of the way the app lets you know how many points each device has in its favor, you can easily tell at a glance which device is better, but if you’re focused on a certain aspect, like battery power or screen size, you can also find it on the list and prioritize it. You can even add your own reasons for why that device is better!

The cool thing about Versus, other than the in-depth comparisons it makes, is that it even allows you to compare, for example, iPhones or Windows Mobile devices to each other. This makes it extra-powerful and allows you to compare features between different platforms, which sometimes isn’t as obvious as it should be:

And of course, if comparing smartphones isn’t your thing, you could always try it with other terms that Versus supports, like cities, cameras, consoles or vehicles:

That’s about it for our little tour of Versus. As you can see, it is an invaluable tool for comparing different Android devices, and it really does help you make up your mind if you’re looking to settle on a specific device from a list. The fact that it goes beyond a simple spec comparison makes it one notch above other tools of its kind, and since users can submit their own points, you can get first-hand information about certain features or aspects of the devices. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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