How To Easily Share Your Screen On Android

How To Easily Share Your Screen On Android

Streaming is all the rage these days. Whether it is videogames, video blogging, or just randomly chatting, streaming is becoming one of the most popular kinds of content online. However, streaming is not just for entertainment – it also serves a practical purpose, like showing people something really quickly on your screen remotely, or for educational purposes. Today, we’ll show you an easy, free and simple way to stream and cast your screen on your Android device and share what you’re seeing.

For today’s lesson, the only thing you’ll need is an app, ScreenMeet, which you can download for free by using this link. The purpose of the app is, as we mentioned earlier, to share your screen, but this app does things a bit differently, and is more focused on practicality and meetings instead of entertainment. What this translates to is that this app is ideal to stream static content – if you want to share a smooth video, for example, this is not the right app for you. This is a great alternative for sharing pictures and random things on your screen that do not require a constant stream or real-time updates.

That being said, let’s get down to it. The first thing you’ll have to do after installing and opening the app is to create an account:

You can either use your regular email or Google’s system to automatically sign up. Once you do, you’ll see this screen:

The great advantage to this service is how easy it is to set up and get going. If you have reached this point, you are already ready to stream, no need to set up anything. However, you need to share the link for the stream to people. To do that, just tap the blue button with the link and the share symbol on top:

And then you can share the link using your favorite service or social media app. This is what someone will see when they click your link and join:

To start the stream, you just tap the green button below:

And that’s it! You’re streaming! You can see that the little play/pause controls appear at the bottom portion of the screen:

And the viewers will see your screen on their device:

There is also a viewer list, where you can see everyone who is watching and individually kick people off the stream as well:

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier – it’s just a matter of installing the app, signing up, and sharing the link. While you’re here, you can also take a quick peek at the settings, where you can define the quality you stream at, set up passwords and other random settings:

And that’s about it for today’s lesson. As we mentioned before, this service is not particularly focused on entertainment (in fact, the service advertises itself as being ideal for meetings), and because of that, the stream frame rate is relatively low in comparison to other services. However, the image quality is quite high, which is ideal for sharing pictures and other such elements.  The best aspect about ScreenMeet is, for sure, how easy it is to set up and get going. If you’ve ever streamed before, you know it is a mess to set everything up, which is even more aggravating when you just want to quickly show how to do something on your phone, for example. Any questions or doubts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Synthi
    Synthi February 7, 2016 at 12:08 am .

    Hello Carlos,
    Thanks for introducing with ScreenMeet. Currently I’m using TeamViewer for this purpose. But going to try ScreenMeet because the Teamviewer is a heavy app and data consuming.

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