How To Easily Switch Between Apps (Better Multitasking)

How To Easily Switch Between Apps (Better Multitasking)

With so many quality services out there with applications for our phones, it’s rare that we focus our attention on a single app. Often times, we’re checking Reddit, sharing a few links on Twitter, maybe using Snapchat in the background – often at the same time. Of course, Android has built-in multitasking capabilities, but switching between your running apps can be cumbersome, especially if you’re switching between more than just a couple of them. Today, we’ll show you a better multitasking alternative!

As we mentioned, Android does have built-in multitasking capabilities, and one of the three on-screen buttons is even dedicated to that purpose – pressing the square button will bring up this card interface showing your previously used apps, and you just have to tap over a card to switch to it:

Since it uses a card interface, only the two first cards are visible once you press the button, and you need to slide the view around to get to an older app. This, by itself, can be hugely inconvenient, but there’s also the issue that the list eventually gets populated with so many cards that you might have a hard time finding the one you want. Luckily, there’s a better way!  The app that we’ll be using today is called EAS, Easy App Switcher, and you can download it for free by using this Play Store link. The purpose of this app is, as the name implies, to make app switching an easier experience, and it does this by offering an alternative interface to the regular app switcher. Start by installing the app, and when you first open it, you might see a warning like this:

As this varies from version to version of Android, your specific device may not see this warning in particular. Either way, just tap the button, and you’ll be taken to the right place:

From here, just enable the switch:

And then return to the app. Read through the instructions if you’d like, and then proceed:

The first thing you’ll notice is that you have a new floating icon in the left border of the display. This is the interface of the app – you’ll notice that the icon reflects the last app you were in. In our case, the Settings app:

If you tap the icon, you’ll switch straight to the Settings app, and now the icon in the app will be the last app you were in before Settings – in my case, the Play Store. If I tap the icon, EAS will take me to the Play Store app and the icon will now show the Settings app:

This makes it incredibly easy to switch between your last two apps, since all it takes is a tap, and the switching is almost instantaneous. However, there’s quite a bit more to this. Try and slide the icon a little bit to the side. You should see something like this pop up:

This is the alternative to the card interface, where it shows you the last five apps you used. Tapping over an icon will bring you to that app, just as if you tapped over its card in the old interface. You can also move the EAS icon around by holding and dragging it in this screen:

When you use it again, the interface will mirror, if you dragged it to the opposite side:

You can also slide the icon again when the interface is open to show you apps older than the last five, which is a nice touch. The app is also very customizable – for example, if switching to your last app when you tap the icon doesn’t sound that important to you, you can change that behavior to something else in the app settings:

Another neat thing is the fact that, if the floating icon annoys you, you can just tap and hold to hide it. You’ll see the icon is gone:

And a new notification appears:

However, the app still works as it used to. Just slide or tap over where the icon used to be, and the app will work like before:

To make the icon appear again, all you have to do is tap and hold in the edge where the icon used to be (note the blue area):

And the icon will appear again:

That’s about it for today’s lesson! Today we showed you an alternative, easier way to switch between apps, in a discrete and practical way. EAS seems to be designed to stay out of your way so that you can use it however you want to, as it even allows you to hide the interface completely and just use the gestures. The app also has some great features, like a built-in app drawer and the ability to take over your home button to become your default launcher. For our purposes, however, the features that we talked about work great. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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