How To Get a Dictionary For Your Android Device

How To Get a Dictionary For Your Android Device

Throughout our day, sometimes we run into words or expressions that we don’t really know about. Whether they pop up in a conversation or on email, it can be embarrassing and awkward, and sometimes it’s not even our fault – it might be a reference to something we never read or saw. Thankfully, these days you can just google the meaning or look up the definition online. Today, we’ll show you an app that allows you to do just that, but it goes even further – it’s an offline dictionary that looks up definitions for words you copy, so that you don’t even have to type it out. Let’s take a look!

The app we’ll be using today is called Define, and it’s a nifty little app that you can download for free by using this Google Play link. As we mentioned, the purpose of the app is to act as your dictionary, and it does so in a very elegant fashion – instead of requiring you to open the app and go through the interface, typing the word, you can just copy a word from an email or forum post and get an instant definition. Not only that, but it’s also compatible with offline dictionaries, so you don’t even have to wait for the definition since it appears right away. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, let’s get to it. First, install the app. After you do and open it for the first time, the app will present you with the following screen:

In here, it links you to several sources for definitions. Generally, you’ll only need one. Tap over one of the dictionaries and you will either be redirected to the Play Store where you can download it or start a download from the app itself. It doesn’t really matter. Just pick one of the offline options or even both of them and download the dictionary:

Once you are done, come back to Define and you will see a little green checkmark next to each of the dictionaries you downloaded. That means that it’s installed and detected properly. So now, tap on “Next” at the top and it will take you to this screen:

Here, you can try out how the app works. Tap the “Copy” button and the app will copy the text to the clipboard and pop up a little notification:

Tap that notification and a window will appear with the text you copied:

From there, you can just tap an individual word and get a direct definition right away:

As you can see, you have 3 different dictionary providers at your disposal – the two offline dictionaries you had the chance to download before and the online Urban Dictionary, which looks up popular expressions and definitions not included in the dictionary:

Tap “Next” at the top and you’ll get a chance to pick the order the dictionaries show up in, if you have a favorite or didn’t download all of them:

And that’s about it. The app is installed and will always pop up when you copy a word or sentence to the clipboard (remember, to copy text all you need to do is hold over a piece of text and a selector will appear that allows you to copy and paste at will). It works everywhere, from your messages to emails and even browser:

It’s definitely handy to have around and it stays out of your way. The fact that you don’t have to individually tap or enter the word yourself is also a huge bonus, and the fact that you forget that it’s even there until you need it is also great. All around, a great tool to have on your phone or Android device that can get you out of trouble and make your life a little bit easier – and for free, there’s not much else you can ask for. Keep it around just in case and you’ll have an easy-to-use, fast dictionary with you at all times – you never know when you’ll need it.

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