How To Get And Install Pokemon Go On Android

How To Get And Install Pokemon Go On Android

Pokemon Go has finally been released, after a ton of hype and speculation, and it’s fair to say that it’s already a success. Building upon the formula of the popular game Ingress, now with Pokemon characters and elements, this new game is introducing phone-based augmented reality to a whole new generation. However, despite the critical acclaim, Pokemon Go is still not available for everyone, having been released only in specific regions and only being compatible with certain devices. Today, we’ll show you how you can sideload the Pokemon Go app and install it on your device manually, so you can start playing right away!

If you’re in one of the regions where the game has already been released, or if you have a supported device, then it’s likely that you can just go and download the app as usual from the Play Store. You can use this link to try it out. However, if Google won’t allow you to download the app because of where you live or because it claims your device is unsupported, then we’ll show you how to manually get the app file and install it on your Android device.

To get the app file for your device, all you need to do is click this link. You will be taken to a website that enumerates all of the versions of the app currently available:

At the time of writing, only a single version is available, 0.29.0, so go ahead and click on that. The next thing you’ll need to do is click on the big download button, and the app file should start downloading immediately. You can download from your device to make it easier to install, or get it from your computer and then transfer the file to your device using a USB cable. Either way, once you get the .apk file, just double tap on it from your device using a file explorer to start the installation process:

Once the app is installed, you can open it right away, just like a regular app. It should behave essentially the same as the app you download from the Play Store. To play the game, you’ll need to create an account:

Once you’ve done that, you can create a character, pick your starter Pokemon, and then adventure out into the wild!

Playing the game involves walking around in the real world, looking for Pokemon in the wild, and going to PokeStops and PokeGyms to collect items and battle with your Pokemon:

You also have a level and an XP meter for your character, and you can level up by capturing Pokemon, earning certain achievements or visiting new locations:

Pokemon Go seems to be the latest craze when it comes to mobile games, but it might end up not being just another game of the week that everyone soon forgets. Because the concept of the game fits so beautifully with the Pokemon licence, and the characters are so recognizable and loved, this game could certainly end up being one of the most popular mobile games for Android and iOS. If you want to get in on the action, today we’ve shown you how – so now go out there and catch your favorite Pokemon! Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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