How To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Files And Clean Your Device

How To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Files And Clean Your Device

With the sheer number of applications, photos, videos, songs and other files we end up putting on our smartphones, we are constantly updating and trying out new things. The Android OS itself also creates a bunch of files for logging and system maintenance, and it doesn’t always do a good job of cleaning them up. This means that, over time, we end up cluttering our devices with a bunch of unnecessary files and leftovers that are no longer necessary, but are still using up precious memory and possibly slowing down the device. Today, we’ll show you the go-to app for cleaning up your system and getting rid of unnecessary files.

SD Maid is an app that has been around for a long time, and it has always been committed to being the best cleaning tool of its sort for Android. It is available in 2 forms, one of which is completely free, and the other is a paid version that offers a few extra features. You can get by with the free version just for checking it out, and you can reclaim most of your memory with it. However, be advised, you also need a rooted device, so keep that under consideration. That being said, let’s give it a shot – start by installing the application by going over to this link. After installing, run the app, and you should see the main screen:

From here you can tap each of the options and the app will analyze that section in particular and see if it can reclaim any memory:

And then it will let you know the amount it can free up:

You can also long tap over the amount after scanning to get a list of files that will be deleted:

If you just tap over the option, the app will offer to clean it up for you:

There is also the option to tap the big button at the bottom to scan and clean everything at once. If you swipe from the left, you can also see all of the individual sections of the application:

As you can see, there are some sections that require the Pro version, but these 3 core features present in the main screen are always available. One of the Pro features is the Duplicates finder, which detects duplicate files on your device and automatically cleans them up for you. However, even without the Pro version, you can still try it out to see what comes up and how much space you could potentially save:

Using this application, you can free up memory by removing files that are left over from previous installations or old versions of applications. It’s very nifty and easy to use, and it pretty much does everything for you. The app knows what to look for, so it’s unlikely that it will touch or delete any important files, and you can inspect all the files it intends to delete anyway, so feel free to use it and to let us know if you have any problems or doubts in the comment section below.

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