How To Improve Performance And Tweak Android With L Speed

How To Improve Performance And Tweak Android With L Speed

Android has been the frequent target of aspiring developers since the beginning, in large part because it’s so open. The goal has always been to get more out of your device, by enhancing the performance and making the experience better. Over time, a large number of tweaks have accumulated in dedicated Android forums like XDA, each fixing a small issue, annoyance, or offering better performance. However, with something as large and complex as Android, it can be hard to try these out by yourself. But what if there was an easier way? What if there was an app out there that let you pick and choose which tweaks to apply? Well, that’s precisely what we’ll be taking a look at today!

You may not have heard of L Speed before, but it’s actually a project that’s been around since early 2015, offering a suite of popular mods and tweaks for Android in a single, convenient package. Over time, the project has evolved and now features most of tweaks you’d ever want, ranging from things like more efficient RAM usage to less sensitive proximity sensor values. The only requirement is a rooted device running Android 4.0+. If you have that, feel free to download the free app by heading over to this Play Store link.

When you first run the app, you’ll get a little intro screen letting you know how the app works:

You can set some options right away from here, but just skip the intro to get to the actual app:

Once you’re here, you may notice how simple the interface is – there isn’t a lot going on. There are a few sections with buttons and toggles for you to experiment with, but the main attraction is going to be the “Profiles” option:

This just sets a standard set of tweaks and optimizations for you with 4 different values to choose from, so you can experiment with what you’re most comfortable with. Picking a profile immediately starts running the appropriate tweaks:

Alongside the performance enhancements, the “Cleaner” section should satisfy most of your needs regarding deleting unnecessary files and reclaiming some memory:

Now, as you may suspect, there’s a lot more to this app. To see it, press the three-dotted menu button at the top right, and head over to “Settings”:

The option you should enable to get full access to the app’s options is “Use Advanced UI”, which you can enable below:

Be advised, however, that exposing all of these options also means that you’re dealing with a lot more possible issues in the future. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should stick to the regular interface. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can enable the option and check out all of the features:

This is the main interface once you’ve enabled the Advanced UI. Instead of a single screen, like before, you now have a side panel with a bunch of categories:

Having access to the categories allows you to individually customize any tweaks you’d like to make:

If you’re not sure about what the option does, you can tap and hold over it to get a short explanation:

Things are definitely more complex with the Advanced UI enabled, but even in this mode, you can still head over to the “Main Tweaks” category to get access to the same interface as before, now with a few extra options:

Overall, L Speed is a great way to customize your device and get extra performance, battery or memory with little effort. Because it compiles all of its tweaks under a single umbrella, it makes it easier to manage all of these different options, and the option to easily revert them or get an explanation about what they do also makes it far more valuable than doing it manually. While many of us are hesitant to tweak and modify Android when it involves modifying files or flashing ROMs, having it all in a single app a few taps away makes it far more appealing. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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