How To Replace And Change Your Android Emojis

How To Replace And Change Your Android Emojis

Since their introduction, emojis have become a staple of text-based communication, especially when we’re on our phones. The ability to use a simple icon to convey a message adds extra meaning to your communication, and makes it easier to get your point across, or just be a little silly. Unfortunately, although emoji are more or less a standard across most operating systems and applications nowadays, you don’t really get to choose how they look, and you’re basically forced to use what Google gives you on Android. But what if you could switch your emojis to something else with ease? That’s what we’ll be doing today, so read ahead to find out how!

Despite the fact that the standard Android emoji are pretty good, there’s always the option to change it up. Looking at iOS, for example, you can see that a lot of the emojis are very different compared to your own. Thankfully, the openness of Android allows you to change it up, and today we’ll be replacing the standard Android emoji with their iOS 9 counterparts in the easiest way possible. Be advised, in order to do this lesson, you’ll need a rooted device. So, with that in mind, let’s get on with it.

We’ll be using an app called Emoji Switcher to do this, which you can get, for free, by using this Play Store link. This app basically allows you to replace your emoji file with that from another operating system, and even change it to another version of Android. It’s also very easy to use, so go ahead and download the app. Once it’s done installing, open it, and right away it should ask you for root access:

Now, depending on your device or ROM, the request may look a little bit different, but it should be along the same lines. Authorize the app, and you’ll see the main interface:

As you can see, there isn’t much to it. Basically, there’s a dropdown menu to select which emojis you want, and a button to apply:

On the list, there’s quite a bit of variety, from emojis out of Twitter, iOS and even LG or Samsung devices. You can also try out the emojis from the latest version of Android, or revert to a previous version. Anyway, pick whichever one you want, and then press the “Set” button. Once you do, a little pop up should appear:

This will tell you the progress and what steps the app is doing. As you can see, the app does an automatic backup of your old emojis, so you can revert back at any time. Once the process is over, the app will ask you to reboot:

When the devices finishes rebooting, you will have access to your new emojis on your standard keyboard right away! You can see that we switched from the regular Android emoji:

To the new iOS emojis:

As far as the app itself, there isn’t a lot more to it – you can press the three-dotted menu button at the top right to get access to a few extra options, like reverting your emojis back to the originals:

And there’s also a history feature, so you can tell which ones you downloaded:

And that’s about it for today’s lesson. Being able to choose your own emoji might look like a small thing, but if you use them regularly, they matter more than you’d like to admit. Whether it is to give your messages a little flair or just choosing emojis that represent you better, at the end of the day, having the option to change is better than being forced to use ones you don’t like. Android is all about choice, after all. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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