How To Reset An App And Delete App Data

How To Reset An App And Delete App Data

We delete apps from our phones and tablets all the time, but a situation you sometimes run into is the need to not simply remove the app, but to delete the information within it. In other words, to reset it and make it behave like it’s the first time you use it. Often times, uninstalling the app will not do that, and when you install it again, all of your old data will still be there, which can be a hassle, especially if it’s crashing or closing suddenly. Well, don’t fret, because today we’ll show you a simple and easy way to reset the app data!

To do this, you actually won’t need any extra apps or a rooted device, because we’re going to show you the built-in way to delete the app data and, effectively, make the app reset itself. This should work across all versions of Android, and should work with all apps. It’s also incredibly simple to do, as Android does all of the work for you! Here’s how:

Find the app you’d like to reset and open it so you can see its current state:

Now, to delete the app data, head onto Settings:

Then, from there, pick “Apps” (or your equivalent, such as “Application Manager”):

You will see a list appear with all of your currently installed apps:

Find the app that you would like to reset:

Then, tap on it to see this screen:

Now, depending on the version of Android and what brand your device is, this screen might be a little different. However, the basics are still the same – you’re looking for a section that says “Storage” and has a few buttons. In Android Lollipop, it looks like this:

While in previous versions, it looks more like this:

Regardless, the process is the same – Android will list the total storage utilization of the app, including the app itself and also any additional data on top, and there will be a few buttons to clear the data:

Pressing the “Clear Data” button will show you the warning that you’re about to delete all of the user data for that app:

Press “Ok”, and the app data will be cleared:

To test that it worked, just open up the app again, and you will see it start fresh, like it’s the first time, with none of your accounts or data:

This way, you’ll be able to make the app completely forget about your information, and you don’t have to reinstall, do a factory reset or anything of the sort. This method can help if you just want to quickly wipe the app, but it can also help if, for example, the app crashes whenever you launch it when it didn’t use to, or if you have information in it that you’d rather it forget, or even if you’re looking to free some extra memory. Any questions or doubts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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