How To Share Installed Apps With Someone Else

How To Share Installed Apps With Someone Else

Ever ran into a situation where you’re messing with a random app on your phone and your friend asks you how to get it? Sometimes it’s as easy as saying the name and looking it up on the Play Store, but often times apps will install under different names, won’t be available for certain devices, or it will be hard to find because the name is too generic to come up in a search. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to share an app with your friends, and today we’ll show you how!

In today’s lesson, we’ll be using an app that streamlines the act of sharing an app, with several ways to do it. While it might seem pretty straightforward to just enter the name of the app on the Play Store, you’d be amazed at how frequently the app you’re looking for will be buried down the list, under a ton of unintended results. Because of that, we’re sharing this method that will allow you to instantly find the app you want and then let you share it through a variety of ways.

To start, go ahead and download the app, for free, by using this Play Store link. After it is done installing, open it up and you should see a simple list of all your currently installed apps:

As you can see, the app relies on a simple and easy to understand interface without any bells and whistles. So, just find the app you want, and tap on it to make this menu appear:

These are the options that you have for sharing the app, going above and beyond a simple link. Let’s start with “Share APK via apps”, which allows you to extract the APK file from your device to send it to someone else – the app will retrieve the APK file for that app and allow you to share it instantly with anyone you want. This means that you can, for example, directly email someone an app. Then they would just have to open the attachment and run the file to begin the installation process:

The next option, “Extract APK into Downloads”, does the same thing, but instead of allowing you to share the file it just puts it in your Downloads folder. This can be useful to backup an app, for example:

Next, we have “Upload APK and get link”. This option is interesting, because in addition to extracting the app file, it will upload it to a hosting service:

And then, after the upload is complete, it will allow you to share it via a link, meaning that you can just send the link to someone and they’ll be able to download the file themselves:

Next, you have the option to send the app via Bluetooth, which is extra useful if the person you’re trying to share the app with is nearby:

Lastly, you have the “Find in Google Play” option, which will automatically open that app’s Play Store page for you:

And from there, of course, you can hit the Share icon to share a link to the app:

So, the app is pretty simple to use – just pick the application that you would like to share and how you want to share it. The fact that it has the ability to extract the app file directly also makes it so that you can share apps that aren’t available in someone else’s country or device, which makes it even more useful. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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