How To Unlock Developer Options on Android

How To Unlock Developer Options on Android

Android is a mobile OS for consumers first, but someone has to come up with all the apps and software for you to use. This is done by developers, usually through a development suite like Android Studio, and then tested on regular devices. In order to help developers test their software on Android, Google has included a few handy options in the OS, hidden by default, that developers can use to enable extra features or measure the performance of the device. These options sometimes hide features that are going to be included in future versions of Android, or extra tweaks not usually accessible through regular means, and today, we’ll show you how you can unlock them!

As we mentioned, these developer settings are a traditionally hidden section of the Settings that Google includes for developers to experiment and mess around with to test their software. Generally, some of these options may be unstable and not yet ready for regular consumers, which is why they are hidden and not shown by default. However, unlocking these features is trivial, and you don’t need any extra software, or even a rooted device. Here’s how to do it:

First, go into Settings, and scroll to the bottom. There, you will find the “About phone” option:

Tap on it, and scroll to the bottom until you see the “Build number” text:

In order to unlock the developer options, repeatedly tap over the “Build number” text, and eventually a floating message will appear:

Keep tapping on it until the following message appears:

That’s all it takes to unlock the developer settings. If you continue to tap on it, you will be told that the option is already enabled:

To access the developer settings, go back to Settings, and you will see a new “Developer options” label above “About phone”:

Tap on it, and tap the “Off” switch at the top to enable access:

You will see this message, tap “Ok”:

Now, you will see a huge number of options traditionally reserved for developers that you can play with:

When you are done, or would like to restore your phone back to normal, just tap the “On” switch at the top to turn the changes off and hide these settings again:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with an option you think sounds interesting. It’s highly unlikely that enabling one of these options will do any harm to your device, although you should disable developer options once you are done experimenting if you don’t know what you’re doing, as you can accidentally leave an option enabled that consumes extra battery or causes performance issues. Overall, it’s a very interesting look into a side of Android you don’t usually see, and it’s also a starting point for some advanced tweaks that we’ll talk about in the future. Any questions or doubts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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