How To Use Flash On Your Browser in Android

How To Use Flash On Your Browser in Android

As some of you might know, it has been a long time since Google has decided to abandon native Flash support in Android. While support for Flash applications and websites used to be a built-in feature around the Gingerbread days, now it’s a completely unsupported platform on mobile, even for Adobe, which has been trying to phase out the technology in favor of HTML5. However, the need for Flash still exists – there is a wide variety of content out there that still requires Flash, and a number of popular services still haven’t made the jump to HTML5. And that is why today we’ll show you how you can use Flash on your browser – no matter what version of Android you’re running!

In order to accomplish this feat, the easiest and most reliable way is to use an alternative browser. Although there are ways to install the Flash Player on your device in modern versions of Android, Google now makes Chrome the official browser for the platform, and Chrome doesn’t really support Flash natively. Thus, in order to take full advantage of Flash on Android, using a browser that natively supports it is your best shot, and that is what we’ll do.

The browser we’ll be using is called Puffin Web Browser, which you can download from the Play Store, free of charge, by using this link. One of the main features of Puffin is Flash support, in addition to being a perfectly fast and usable web browser. The way that Flash support works is also quite unique – it doesn’t require you to install Flash at all, instead it serves you the Flash content over the cloud so that you can enjoy it on your device, no matter what device or version of Android you have. That also means that you always have the latest version of Flash! So, let’s get to it. Start by installing Puffin, and once you open it for the first time, you’ll get the usual intro screen advertising some of the features:

Once you get through that, Puffin will display the start page, consisting of a Speed Dial section with your favorites and most utilized websites:

The way Puffin works is fairly standard and not unlike any other browser on Android – just enter the address you wish to go to, and you’ll be able to scroll through the page:

Puffin also offers all of the standard features you’d expect from a modern browser, including tabbed navigation, history, incognito mode, add-ons and a download manager:

However, what we’re here for is the Flash support, so let’s jump straight into it: just go to a Flash-enabled website, and you will see that the content is correctly rendered:

Trying to watch a Flash animation, for example, works right away – the Flash content is displayed properly and you can interact with it as if you were on your regular PC:

So, as you can see, in terms of setup you don’t need to do much to enjoy your favorite Flash content, as Puffin comes prepared for it out of the box! However, what about more interactive things, like Flash games? Well, that’s where Puffin innovates in terms of features, since it also includes options for mouse and keyboard emulation, along with a handy gamepad mode that will allow you to play basic games with little hassle:

So, as you can see, getting Flash to work on your device has never been easier. You no longer need to rely on Adobe or Google to keep it up to date or compatible with your device, and it works out of the box with no setup necessary. Although Flash is being phased out, it’s undeniable that it still has its uses, and thankfully apps like Puffin provide a very decent and usable workaround for those cases. And it being free and all, it’s a nice tool to keep around on your device, as you never know when you might need it. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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