How To Use Your Phone As A Secret Audio Recorder

How To Use Your Phone As A Secret Audio Recorder

While the capabilities of our phones are advancing all the time, one of the things that has remained the same, with every single phone out there, is the presence of a microphone. Although modern microphone technologies have brought improvements to the table, such as stereo recording and noise cancellation, the main principle remains the same – there’s always a dedicated microphone. Of course, its main purpose is to make calls, but today we’ll show you how you can use your phone as a stealthy audio recorder!

While the option to record audio has been a part of Android for a long time, with a ton of applications out there that serve that purpose, recording in secret is a far more dedicated and specialized case that requires an app built for that task. In this particular case, we want the option to start recording right away, unlimited recording time, a way to save the file and a secret way to enable the recording. Today’s app, Secret Voice Recorder, which you can download for free by using this Play Store link, checks all those boxes. So, let’s get right to it – after downloading and installing the app, you’ll see this very simple interface:

Obviously, you can use the app just like any other recording application. In this case, simply tap the red microphone button to start recording:

However, that’s not what we’re here for. The special thing about this recording app is that it can start recording with a simple button combination on your device, even if it is locked or in your pocket. By default, the combination is pressing the power button 3 times in short succession. Try it now – lock your device, put it in your pocket, and press the power button 3 times. If it worked, your phone should vibrate slightly, and if you take it out of your pocket, you’ll see that it looks like your regular locked phone. Yet, if you unlock the device, you’ll see it was recording the whole time, in secret:

You can now press the stop button, or repeat the power button combination to stop the recording, which will save it to your device:

The app also keeps a handy list of your recordings, so you can listen to them right away and check the quality:

If the power button combination doesn’t seem to work for you, it may be because of your version of Android. In more recent versions, tapping the power button twice opens the camera, and that shortcut gets in the way of the key combo for the recording app. There’s a simple fix – go to the app settings by pressing the three dotted menu button:

And change the “Interval” option to something like 2 or 3 seconds:

That should solve the problem, and the app will now detect the combination properly if you do it slowly. While you’re in the settings, there may be a couple more things to check out. For example, if you’d like to disable the vibration when you start and stop recording, there’s an option for that. You can also pick where the recordings are saved, if you’d like to place them on a secret folder:

That’s about it for today’s lesson! As you can see, the app is incredibly easy to use, and it is designed for the specific purpose of recording discretely. While the app is great at that, it also serves as a really useful tool for general purpose recording, since you can use the button combination to start recording an audio note immediately. Because of that, it’s a handy app to keep around just in case, and it has become my go-to recording application in the meantime. Any questions or doubts? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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