Keep Your Favorite Apps At Hand With Floating ToolBox

Keep Your Favorite Apps At Hand With Floating ToolBox

The interface of Android has been evolving rapidly over the last couple of years. In the span of a few versions, Android has gone from Holo to Material, and a lot of changes came along with that. One such change is the customization of modern Android, now allowing more than just widgets on your home screen. Today, we’ll show you an app that allows you to customize and keep your favorite apps around ready to launch, using a single button and allowing you to multitask more efficiently.

Floating ToolBox is a simple app with a lot of polish that allows you to select a bunch of apps and add them to a floating button on your device, which is always kept around for you. That means that you have a list of your favorite apps always there, ready to launch with a single tap and without having to go into your app drawer. This is not a completely innovative feature, and Samsung has actually included something very similar as a standard app in some of their recent devices. But this app goes a little bit beyond, adding customization options and allowing you to make it fit in with your style.

You can download the app through the Play Store by clicking here, free of charge. Once you download and open the app, things should be fairly obvious. In the Settings tab you get a toggle to enable it, and a toggle to automatically start on boot, along with a bunch of other settings that you might want to take a look at:

You will want to enable it from there, and then slide over to the next tab so you can pick and choose which apps you want on the list:

The next tab allows you to manually order and move the apps in the list around, so you can pick which comes first or last, depending on your needs and taste:

Once you go through all of this, you’re pretty much set. One thing you will probably want to take a look at as well are the User Interface settings, which allow you to customize the size, color, animation and icon of the floating button. It’s actually pretty extensive, and really nice for a free app that just works:

This is a really nice tool that can make for a really nice addition for your regular Android experience. Having to exit your app to go back to the app drawer is inconvenient, especially when it’s something you do daily, so why not keep your apps always around and handy? This little tool makes that possible, all with little clutter or any performance hit. I encourage everyone to give it a shot, you never know when it might come in handy!

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