Learn To Program with Hacked

Learn To Program with Hacked

Programming isn’t easy, and it’s not really a skill you can get just by trial and error without a lot of frustration and confusion associated with it. It requires some study, some passion, and dedicating some time to learning the basics. Well, enter Hacked. Hacked is a new app made by the developer of Falcon Pro, one of the most well-known Twitter clients for Android. The app is a game, but unlike most games, where you usually go shooting, jumping and running around the world, in Hacked, you make the games. Well, kind of. It’s an app that teaches you how to code and how to make small and simple scripts, and does allow you to make simple games. If you are not familiar with programming and would like to learn the basics, could this app be a nice way to learn? Well, let’s take a look and find out!

Hacked uses a proprietary programming language, called “H”, that is encapsulated on a mobile friendly interface that allows even newbies to easily create simple logic scripts using nothing but their touch screen and a few button taps. Even though H isn’t a full fledged programming language (or at least presented as such, due to the simplified interface), and the app is made especially for small sandbox-like projects, the syntax and basic elements are not that far apart from languages like Javascript or Python. Thus, I honestly can see this being a great way to get into the programmer’s mindset and familiarizing yourself with basic elements like loops and variables.

The app has a few modes, including a story mode where you have to solve problems presented to you in character, in order to overcome a real-world problem. Of course, these stories are exaggerated, and the solutions are simplified real-world code, but it does use the same logic as one would expect from a programming solution to a problem, and is a great gateway into learning how the app works. There is also a Challenge mode, although it’s not available yet. Lastly, you have the Freestyle mode, where you can create your own games and scripts from scratch, or download and mess with other people’s projects. Looking at the way people overcame certain challenges and chose to tackle individual components is a great way to gain perspective on how things work.

Hacked is currently in open beta, which you can access by joining the Google Plus community for the app. After that, you get free access to the app and are welcome to get to coding. There isn’t much more to it than that. It’s a unique experience, and worth checking out even if you are a developer already, as being constrained by a new language and IDE is a great way to hone your skills and think about problems in a different way, without your usual tools. For the people with no programming experience, this is a good way to get into it, although it will not make you a developer overnight – the app is a simplified and stripped down perspective on development, automatically taking care of a lot of things for you that you’d usually have to handle yourself, but it still does a really good job at teaching you the basic stuff, which is worth something.

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