Lock Your Children’s Phone with Ignore No More

Lock Your Children's Phone with Ignore No More

Tired of your children not calling you back despite repeated attempts? Worried about what might have happened and have no way to get in touch with your kids? Well, the same thing worried a mom, frustrated about her children not calling her back right away. So, she developed an app to tackle this very issue. Read ahead to find out more!

What this app does is that it simply locks your children’s phone until they get in touch with you. Then, once they call you, they can enter a password you specified in order to get rid of the lock and be able to use their device as usual. Kind of a neat idea. The developer claims that even with the lock on, they will be able to call 911 or any other sort of emergency service, but things such as games, texts and web browsing will be disabled in the meantime. This forces the owner of the phone to call you in order to get the unlock code, thus guaranteeing that they get in touch right away, instead of ignoring your call. A bit drastic? Perhaps, but then again it should be only used on occasion and as a special measure, and it’s a good way to instill the habit of actually taking your calls instead of ignoring them.

The app is available through the Play Store, just follow this link. Once you install, you’ll have to set up the app. Install it on your child’s device, and make sure to set up your contact as an emergency contact as well. The app should guide you through this process once you try to register the number. You will want to create a Parent account within the app on your child’s device, filling in all the info, and then register a Child’s account. The app will then ask you to allow it to become a device administrator, which is needed to lock the device remotely. Accept, and you’re all set. Now, you can log in through the app on your phone, and try to lock your child’s device remotely. If it’s correctly set up, the device will lock, and can only be unlocked with the passcode you set up.

The app works well, but it can be a bit pricey at $1.99 per install (you need an individual purchase for each device). There are also some caveats – for example, the child can attempt to uninstall the app in order to get rid of it. That won’t work, as it will cause the device to immediately become locked and you to receive an email, but if you don’t personally remove that lock later, the screen that shows up after you unlock will be the final prompt stopping your child from completely uninstalling the app, so be careful with that. This app has gotten some media coverage, and tackles a very particular problem that affects a lot of parents. Thus, if you feel this can be of use to you, it might be worth checking out!

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