Open Imgur – An Online Image Viewer

Open Imgur - An Online Image Viewer

Imgur is one of the most popular services for hosting and sharing images online. Popular websites like Reddit seem to almost depend on it these days for sharing their pictures, and it also has a functional social aspect where you can vote on the best images and leave comments. While Imgur has an official app for Android, today we’ll be showing you a different app that serves as an alternative and offers a much better experience.

You can download this app, called Open Imgur, by heading over to the Play Store through this link. The app is completely free, and the source is also available for everyone. Anyway, once you install, open the app, and you will see this screen:

Right away, you’ll notice how the app prioritizes content first instead of trying to shove a whole lot of text or confusing elements in your face. It’s clean, simple, and it uses the brand new floating button style that Material Design has popularized. Tapping the button allows you to upload a new image to the service right away, and it lets you choose where the image comes from:

It has options to upload from the web, from your standard Gallery app, or right away from your device’s camera. This is great and guarantees you will not have to back out of the app just to upload a picture. It has everything you’d ever need right there and always keeps it at hand:

Tapping a particular album or picture in the front page takes you to a browsing interface where you can quickly scroll and navigate through the whole thing:

In addition, you can also swipe left and right to navigate to the next gallery or submission. To inspect an image a little more closely, just tap the image and you’ll be taken to a section where you can pinch to zoom and drag around:

You can also choose to sort the images by best, newest and most popular by simply tapping the button at the bottom, and you can also add comments and vote, if you log in using your standard Imgur account. Tapping the arrow button takes you to the comment section:


The app also lets you choose what sections to see and navigate. You can browse images by topic, gallery and even subreddit:

You can customize your own filters for topics and search, which is also a pretty powerful feature:

The app also includes a built-in meme image editor, which replicates all of the functionality of the original Imgur meme generator, but using a much more intuitive interface and means of generating the image, much more appropriate for a mobile device, and without requiring a dedicated app:

In terms of settings, the app also has more than enough for everyone to sink their teeth into. Options include a dark theme, hiding adult images, and developer options to debug the app and control your account:

Overall, this seems to be not only a great app, but the best Imgur client for Android right now. It integrates the service nicely, seems to offer an option for everything, and it follows the Material Design best practices for the most part, offering not only style but also functionality. There’s very little to criticize here, and for a free app, it really goes above and beyond. If you’re a regular user of the Imgur service, or if you’re just looking for a cool way to find new images, definitely give this one a shot and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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