Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung has for a very long time placed their bets on a diversified device strategy: along with their main devices such as the Galaxy S line, which are all-purpose consumer devices, Samsung has also traditionally offered the Note line, for businesses and power-users, and the Active line, for fans of the outdoors that need a rugged phone with a bigger battery than usual. The Galaxy S6 continues the tradition, and we are now getting the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6 Active.

As we mentioned, the Active line has always been geared toward users that need a rugged phone that can survive impact and physical trauma. Not only that, but also more obscure features such as water resistance have always been some of the major points of interest of the Active line. However, for some, the biggest feature was always the amazing battery life, since Samsung equipped the Active models with bigger and better batteries than their regular lines.

That sort of direction and focus on specs continues with the latest generation of the Active, and the Galaxy S6 Active can once again brag about its battery life and rugged looks. However, some things become immediately apparent – while the Galaxy S6 already sacrificed some popular features of the Galaxy S line, such as the MicroSD support and removable battery – the Galaxy S6 Active will have to do all that, plus some. The motive becomes immediately clear once you think about some of the features that are not really appropriate for the physical requirements of the device.

One of these sacrifices is the much-loved and talked about fingerprint sensor. Placed in the center button in the regular Galaxy S6, in the Active the fingerprint sensor seems to have been scrapped completely, from the few photos that have trickled out over the week. In terms of aesthetics, there are also some obvious changes in order to make the device more solid and robust – this includes a thicker frame, in comparison to the ultra-thin profile of the regular Galaxy S6, and physical buttons instead of the touch buttons of the original.

In terms of internal hardware, it’s expected to retain the same general specs as the original. It’s a high-performance chipset that has paid off in spades for Samsung, and it makes sense to include it in this device as well. The same goes for the cameras and screen size – still a 16MP main camera, and a 5.1″ screen to go with it. So, it’s really just a regular S6, but built for harsh conditions, and with some extra juice in the battery department.

In previous editions, the Active version of these devices has always been commercialized by AT&T in the US, with international versions being commercialized by Samsung itself and their retail partners. Whether this time around it’ll be the same, we still don’t know, but there’s no reason to assume otherwise. The Active line has proved to be one of AT&T’s most popular Android devices and there certainly is a dedicated crowd that is very much interested in a Galaxy S6 built for impact and with extra battery, so expect to see it stateside very soon.

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