School Assistant App for Android

School Assistant App for Android

Now that September is here, a lot of students are heading back to their universities or schools, with another school year to go and the same need to stay organized and be on top of their classes and exams. Thankfully, apps have made this process a little easier, reminding us of upcoming events and allowing us to program a schedule so that we don’t forget as easily. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this all from a single app? Today, we’ll show you how you can do just that!

School Assistant is a great app for Android that you can download for free by clicking this link. Apps for keeping track of your schedule, homework and exams aren’t really new, but generally it’s hard to find a single app that does everything you need, and does it well. While having to switch between apps isn’t really a big deal, it’s far easier to deal with it when you have it all in a single place and don’t need to constantly check your calendar or class schedule, or check your notes for exam scores.

Thankfully, School Assistant keeps it all in a single app, offering you features that include built-in schedule maintenance, tracking for classes, reminders for exams, evaluations and homework and even lectures. It’s surprisingly comprehensive. Anyway, let’s give it a go: install the app and open it. You should see this screen:

This allows you to directly import existing calendar data or settings from a previous installation, or from something like Google Calendar. Next, the app prompts you about how your school year is divided:

Make your selection and proceed to the next screen, where you need to configure what kind of classes you have:

And you can even add your own types, if you feel that the app is too limited:

Then, you need to pick what sort of evaluation you are required to do in your school year:

And you can even configure the grading system yourself:

Lastly, you need to add your subjects:

And then you can pick if you want to be notified when classes are about to start, and whether or not the phone should be muted during classes:

From there, the app is pretty much configured. You will then have to define your weekly schedule, and add classes manually:


As you can see, you can pick when this class repeats, the duration and even define what classroom and what teacher it has:

Once you fill your schedule, you will be able to see your whole school year laid out, from a list view:

To a more general calendar view:

From where you can pick the individual weeks and everything:

So, as you can see, the app is fairly comprehensive, even though it’s only organized in 3 categories. Picking “Subjects” allows you to directly edit and enter your subjects:


And the “People” category will let you manually add school personnel such as teachers, and it even allows you to import them from your contacts!

The Settings are also fairly comprehensive:

It allows you to do things like change the colors or the app, define notifications, and change various aspects about your grading and other options you set when you first started the app:

Overall, this is a great tool to help you plan and remind you about your upcoming classes, schoolwork and grades. There are other apps that offer similar settings, but this app defines itself by the Material Design inspired look, the amount of features and the sheer amount of options and configurations that it exposes to you. It seems like the sort of app you can rely on, rather than being just another app that lets you enter your schedule and then forget about it. This is meant to be a schoolwork companion, and it does that job beautifully.

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