Show Your Photos To Your Nosy Friends With Private Gallery

Show Your Photos To Your Nosy Friends With Private Gallery

A problem that comes up a lot while you’re hanging out with your friends and want to show them your latest pictures is whether or not your gallery is safe to show. I mean, you know you have your recent vacation pictures in there, but what else? What if your friends do a few extra swipes and stumble upon a picture they weren’t supposed to? Well, today we’ll show you an app that takes care of this problem for you, automatically making a private gallery with just the pictures you allow it!

Today’s app is Private Gallery, a free app that you can download for free from the Play Store by using this link. The app is very simple and easy to use, so no great explanation is required, but it’s worth explaining how it actually works and what it does. Basically, once you open the app, you will be greeted with this screen:

Then, just tap the text, and the app will open your standard gallery, with all of your pictures. What you should do next is select which pictures you’re actually willing to show. To do that, just tap and hold over the pictures that you’re interested in showing, and a checkmark will appear next to them, letting you know they’re selected:

Then, just tap the “Open” text at the top. The app will make a gallery out of those pictures, and automatically make a slideshow out of them. Then, you can safely hand your phone over to your friends, and be sure that only the pictures that you have selected will be available. Another neat detail is that when you scroll to the last picture, the front-facing camera is shown, surprising whoever is looking at the pictures and letting you know that they have reached the end of the slideshow.

Another cool feature is that you don’t even have to use the built-in gallery in the app. Instead, you can just open your standard gallery app, and select the pictures you want to show, just like usual. Then, when you have them all selected, just tap the share button at the top:

And then, select “Show in Private Gallery” from the Share menu:

This will, as expected, also create a customized slideshow with only the pictures that you have selected. As we mentioned, this is an extremely simple app, with very little to it. However, it does fix a common annoyance about showing your pictures and protecting your privacy. With this app, you have an extra layer of protection against your nosy friends, safe in the knowledge that only the pictures that you have allowed are going to be shown, and requiring your friends to actually exit the app and open the gallery manually to snoop around. That’s a pretty neat way to fix that issue, and is an elegant solution to the problem. Our friends aren’t going to get any less nosy, so the least we can do is be a little proactive about it.

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