Stay On Top Of News With Recent News

Stay On Top Of News With Recent News

Keeping up to date with news you actually care about is becoming more and more of a hassle, with so many providers and sources that you can’t really narrow down to specifics without being boggled down by a bunch of content that you honestly just don’t care about that much. Even on services like Reddit, it’s fairly easy to go down a rabbit hole of useless content before you actually step into something you care about and want to read. Well, today we’ll show you a simple app that automatically fetches and categorizes news and articles based on your taste and favorite topics so you can stay up to date on the things you actually care about.

Recent News is a free, elegant news app that you can download for free from the Play Store by using this link. The main purpose of the app is to aggregate and organize news items for you, so that you can choose what to read and when at your own leisure. Not only that, but you are also in charge of picking out which topics and type of information you’re interested in – so you should never stumble upon news items you didn’t approve. Anyway, enough talk. Let’s take a look at the app itself.

First, when you open it, the app does the standard meet and greet introduction:

But one of the cool things about the introduction is that it actually labels and lets you know about what each item does on the main interface:

Then, it’s going to ask you to pick a view, which you can change later:

And lastly, it asks you to select a few topics from a list, to generate news items for you:

Once you’ve done that, the app goes straight to the Home screen, where you can see the news items that the app has fetched for you right away:

You can tap on a news item to read further and go to the source:

And if you scroll down, it suggests related news articles – but more than that, it suggests related topics. You can pick any news item you are interested in, and at the bottom it will automatically generate topics related to that so you can follow related stories automatically in the future:

This will help build up your follow topics list, helping the app narrow down on what information you consider essential viewing:

Once you view a story, it’s going to appear as monochrome in the Home screen, so you know you’ve already tapped it:

The app is divided into a few sections that you can scroll by. The main Home screen feeds you both items that are popular and items that you’re interested in – and the amount of items it presents is based on the amount of time you have available, which you can select by tapping the little arrow on top:

Then, you have a section for Recommended items, based solely on the topics you have selected:

And you can also alternate between the relevance manually:

The Hot screen is about popular news items talked about today, whether or not they belong to topics you have subscribed to:

Then there is a section for local news items, based on your current position, and a section for all topics. In this section, you can tap the arrow to manually jump to a specific topic, too:

The app comes with a few different ways to present news items to you, and you can select how you want to see it by tapping the icon on top:

Lastly, in terms of settings, it actually has a lot of options, which range from account management to more specific settings about battery consumption, sounds and how to open links:

There is even an option to suggest recommended topics, which is a nice touch:

This is a really great app that should hopefully help cut down on the time you spend reading news that you don’t really care about. By automatically gathering news items based on topics that you control, you can fine-tune the preferences pretty well. Not only that, but it’s a free app that has a nice polish to it – with Material UI and a bunch of options to mess around with. The option in the Home screen to only gather a few items so you can read the headlines in a couple of minutes is a great time-saver, and keeps you from having to distract yourself with other services. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone that just wants relevant information and no distractions.

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