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How to setup an Auto-Reply for Text Messages (SMS) on Android

Tired of having to reply to Text Messages when you are driving or in a meeting? But you don’t want to be rude and ignore people who are sending you the messages? No problem! Setup your Text Messages (also known as SMS) to be on an auto-responder for those times when you can’t respond.

How to automatically delete old text messages on Android

Does it take a few seconds to launch your Text Messaging app? If so, it may be because you have an abundance of old text messages being stored on your device. Storing too many texts may slow down your smartphone and even drain some of your power. For that reason, I recommend that you set…

How to Save Pictures and Attachments from Text Messages on Android

I get asked this question quite a bit and I thought it was time to make a quick tutorial on how to save pictures that your friends send to you via Text Message (MMS). There are several ways to save a picture or attachment that friends send you and I’ll describe couple of them below.…