Yahoo! Weather App for Android

Yahoo! Weather App for Android

Yahoo! Weather App is a great way to check the weather in style. It sports a unique user interface, very nice design and a great set of features. It has finally made its way to Android, after already being released on iOS for some time, now. That tends to be a bad sign, especially considering most developers just port the app straight over and keep the same elements and design decisions from iOS, but that’s not really the case with this app. At least, not most of the time. Today, we’ll be looking at this app and what it is that makes it so unique from all the other weather apps out there.


First things first, you can find the app through the Play Store by clicking this link. It’s absolutely free and compatible with Gingerbread and later Android versions. So, install the app, and right away you’ll see a splash screen and a little intro showcasing some of the features. Tap the button to close it, and you’ll be taken to the main screen of the app. Right away, you’ll notice that it has its own style and visual elements. This will manifest itself on the other aspects of the app, where the app makes a great effort to look different, and most of all to look memorable. It will automatically detect where you are, and fetch not only the weather info for that place, but also fetch pictures and landmarks from Flickr. It looks very good, and it’s a nice way to customize the app to your surroundings. It also displays the local time on the top:

From the main screen, you can access more in-depth weather information by scrolling down, which is accompanied by a really nice background blur effect:

From here, you can see the 5/10 day forecast, weather details like visibility and humidity, a map of the area (complete with weather maps), wind and pressure information (with a little animation that spins faster the more windy it is), precipitation details and lastly a solar map/moon phase schematic with a very nice animation as you scroll into it. Not bad, not bad at all:

From the main screen, you can also see two icons at the top. Tapping the Plus icon allows you to add a new location. Adding new locations is pretty easy, you can use a zip code or just enter the location, but either way predictions are displayed on the bottom and seem to be pretty spot on:

After adding a new location, you can easily switch between them by swiping left and right. You can also update each of them manually by pulling down to refresh from the main screen, like on GMail:

Tapping the classic 3 bar icons brings forth a drawer, with some options to edit and access locations directly, links to various other Yahoo! apps, a Settings section and options to send feedback and share the app:

The Settings are really basic, allowing you to do little else other than change the units, configure notifications and some photo options:

The app performs pretty well, especially considering it has its own UI, some nice effects and design elements. Still, there are some inconsistencies in the app, like not being able to slide the drawer from the main screen without tapping the icon at the top, and the fact that some of the icons are not native Android, but rather a mishmash of iOS recolors and generic branding. It also always shows the bottom button bar (in case your device has no dedicated buttons), and yet they serve no actual purpose. Hopefully just leftovers from development that will be ironed out over time.

So yeah, that was Yahoo! Weather. A pretty nice app, functional and beautiful. Of course, being a mere weather app, its purposefulness will vary according to your needs, but if you’re looking for a weather app to replace yours, or have grown tired of Google Now’s weather notifications, maybe give this one a try instead. It’s certainly unique, striking and the features you need are all there. What did you think about this app? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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